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Combining multi-discipline engineering skills, project control, project management and process expertise with innovative designs added to complete field solutions, Gaztech provides truly unique turnkey solutions. Gaztech holds offices in 5 different countries, the team has worked on all continents and comes from many cultural and religious backgrounds.For modular fabrication, Gaztech also offers EPCM package options to bypass completely the Packagers and entirely save fabrication, equipment & risk margins.


Technology Process

Gaztech provides expertise in multiple Processes: Gas dehydration, Several Gas Sweetening solutions, Mercury Removal, Sulfur Recovery, Crude Oil Desalting, Oil Dehydrators, Separation etc. Our Technology designs are all license free and allow our customers to optimize their plant capabilities to reach the most stringent requirements.



Our experts have provided design services to the industry worldwide for more than 20 years. We provide design services on our Technologies from early project studies to complete Technology Design engineering package. This includes rehabilitation studies, revamps, upgrades, greenfield basic book design, troubleshooting & optimization studies etc.


Process Operation Services

Gaztech's Process and Operation expertise is offered not only during project execution but also long term (with all Design packages). Programs ranging from 2-5 years provide a unique on site support for the ultimate customer support dedication. These programs include spare part management, troubleshooting, training and continuous expert optimization.


Pipeline Inspection

Based on our long experience in field pipeline maintenance in the most extreme regions of the Russian Federation, Gaztech developed advanced technology and know how to keep pipeline operations safe and stable. In collaboration with the nationnal Russian Transneft and its R&D institute we provide our customers custom solution that works. We provide ILI tools in all sizes for MFL, TFI & UT.


Drilling Solutions

Long upstream expertise in field operations & maintenance in difficult environments combined to a very large fleet of rigs, Gaztech provides complete reliable turnkey solutions for downhole operations. To make sure we meet our customer's demands, additional custom Rigs can be built in cooperation with our long time partners within a short timeframe matching any special requirements.


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Engineering & Design

Gaztech Engineers unique solutions with innovative concepts to help our customers meet the most stringent challenges in the process industry. The engineering services include brownfield and greenfield Feasibility Studies, Reliability Studies, Process Equipment Studies, Facility De-Bottlenecking, Capacity Upgrades as well as complete Basic Book design and detail design. Our designs include fully integrated Modular skid mounted packages.

Consulting & Project Management

To achieve full turnkey services, Gaztech not only provides engineering design services,but also Project Management and Control expertise tailored for each development scheme. Our project experts have decades of experience in the industry apply the highest methodology standards to best manage your projects. These services are providde up to a full Package EPCM

Pipeline Operation

Gaztech provide a wide range of advanced, intelligent technology for customs services in pipeline inspection, integrity and repair. The main advantages in working with Gaztech lies in our Engineering teams (combining years of field expertise) always ready to mobilize anywhere internationally on short notice, our capacity to find local solutions rapidly, the fact that we collaborate with the largest Russian pipeline operators (Transneft) & their R&D institute and our inspection tools' availability in all sizes for MFL, TFI & UT.

Drilling Solutions

Decades of experience in horizontal & directional drilling, workover operations, GAZTECH understands the uniqueness of challenges presented by each well. Our planning methodology also based our 0 accident policy enables our team to provide exceptional services to our customers internationally. GAZTECH is currently running projects in the Russian federation but also in North Africa.

Process Operation

Gaztech's Process and Operation expertise is offered on a long term basis with all our Design packages. These Programs range from 2-5 years after start-up and provide a unique on site support for the ultimate customer support. These programs include spare part management, troubleshooting, training and continuous expert optimization for a troublefree operation.

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